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+91 9984115216, 9838933844

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Dr. D.K. Jaisawal

Dr. D.K. Jaisawal

Dr. DK Jaisawal is a highly qualified & Gastroenterologist practicing in Azamgarh (the only doctor for Gastroenterology in the city). He has experience of 7+ years in the treatment of numerous disorders of the liver, gall bladder, abdomen, and pancreas.

He has completed his MBBS, MD (Medicine) degree from the prestigious Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata which has produced many eminent doctors. After completing DM (DNB – Gastroenterology), Dr. D.K. Jaisawal underwent medical training at Appolo Hospital, Kolkata, where he practiced Gastroenterology along with Bronchoscopy. He also underwent training in Gastroenterology at AIG (Asian Insitute of Gastroenterology), Hyderabad.

Dr. D.K. Jaisawal has a special interest in advanced endoscopy and therapeutic endoscopic procedures and also his field of interest is in managing patients with liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and pancreatitis. He has immense experience in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures encompassing gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, EUS, and enteroscopy including palliative stenting of advanced gastrointestinal malignancies.

Professional Memberships

Indian Medical Assocation (IMA)

Indian Society of Gastrorenterology (ISG)

Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India (SGEI)